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Software Development

Many businesses have opted to outsource their technical jobs to save them time on certain projects. Software development service companies have never been more desirable than in today’s environment, when more and more people are forced to work from home.


Saigon Technology has been in business for almost a decade, during which time we have received a wide range of inquiries regarding software development services from clients in all parts of the world. This diversity can include projects involving the development of mobile apps that help users get more convenient and seamless whenever and wherever they choose; web apps that improve accuracy and efficiency in the enterprise’s business operations; and innovative and cutting-edge cloud migration, software-as-a-service, and artificial intelligence integration services.


Let’s dive into the material below, gleaned from the seasoned viewpoint of Saigon Technology, to learn the top 7 considerations for making the most of software development services.

1. The Definition of Software Development

Before getting into the details of the subject matter, it is imperative to initially consider the concise elucidation. The realm of software development services entails an extensive procedure wherein the design and creation of an application or software are meticulously executed to meet specific business or personal objectives, requirements, or processes. Wiki


Briefly, software development is the process of creating, designing, and implementing computer programs or applications to meet specific user needs and requirements. It involves the utilization of various programming languages, frameworks, and tools to develop robust, scalable, and efficient software.


The aforementioned process encompasses a multitude of distinct stages: The software development life cycle encompasses 7 key stages, including planning, analysis, product design, development and implementation, testing, and maintenance.

2. Typical Process for Software Development Requirements

Our dedication to continuously improving our software development process allows us to provide cutting-edge products that always go above and beyond for our customers. Here, we’ll get to the core of our offerings, discussing the software development procedures that support our constant pursuit of improvement.

Analyzing Requirements – Georgia Tech – Software Development Process

Approaches for Achieving Success

Our software development procedures are the product of careful forethought, accumulated expertise, and a persistent dedication to finding more effective methods to accomplish business. To ensure that our software solutions are of the highest quality, efficiency, and effectiveness, we use an organized and systemized approach.


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In this section, we will walk you through the 7 key software development stages, which are as follows:

2.1 Requirement Analysis

Prior to beginning any coding endeavors, your partner must allocate a substantial amount of time and exertion towards comprehending the distinctive specifications that pertain to your particular circumstances. The software development team must actively participate in extensive dialogues with the esteemed clients to fully comprehend all aspects of the project, thereby guaranteeing that the final deliverable is in perfect harmony with your organization’s strategic objectives.


This stage is critical since it is the ‘driving force’ that affects the smoothness and success of the whole project later on, with 8 significant variables that must be carefully when it comes to software development on both sides:

  • #1 Aspect: Specific Project Goals

The team will find out what the client wants overall, and write it down. For what issue was the program developed? For a firm or a user, what are the most important criteria? 

  • #2 Aspect: Engaging Stakeholders

Determine and include everyone who has a vested interest in the outcome of the project, from end-users to investors to specialists in the field.

  • #3 Aspect: Definition of Scope

Get specific when outlining the project’s boundaries. What capabilities and characteristics should the program have? When it comes to the project, what are the boundaries?

  • #4 Aspect: Mandatory vs. Optional Features

The technical team will separate the needs for what the program should be able to accomplish (functional requirements) from the needs for how well it should do those things (non-functional requirements).

  •  #5 Aspect: Budgeting and Allocating Resources

Budget for the project and assign developers, software & hardware to work on it. Make sure there are enough resources for the project to succeed.

  •  #6 Aspect: Documentation

Completely document all needs and results. The project team may go back to this record at any time to clarify details or settle a disagreement.

  • #7 Aspect: Issues of Compliance and the Law

Incorporate data privacy, security, and intellectual property protections into the project’s planning and execution.

  • #8 Aspect: Customer Service and Communication

Consistent updates, reports on progress, and ways for the client to provide input should all be part of your client communication strategy. Aligning expectations with clients requires honest and open communication.

2.3 Planning & Design

Once there’s a firm grasp on what you need, your partner’s skilled team of software development including architects and designers will begin sketching up a plan for your program. Building a solid, scalable, and user-friendly product begins with defining its architecture and choosing the right technology.

During this stage, it is imperative to take into account the typical aspects that require due consideration.

  • #1 Aspect: Planning and Building

Outline the software’s top-level structure, including its individual parts and how they work together. Based on the needs of the project, choose a suitable architectural style (such as monolithic or microservices).

  • #2 Aspect: Stack of Technologies

Choose an IT infrastructure that supports the goals of the project. Databases, frameworks, libraries, and programming languages all fall under this category.

  • #3 Aspect: UI/UX Design

Build interface prototypes and wireframes to see how users will interact with your product. You can guarantee a good experience for your users if you put an emphasis on accessibility, convenience, and user-friendly design.

  • #4 Aspect: Structure of the Data

Establish the data model, data storage strategies, and data retrieval methods. In this stage of software development, just think about the safety of your data and whether or not you’re following the rules.

Learn more about: What is Data Representation in the Software Development Process?

  • #5 Aspect: Third-Party Integration

Find out whether the program needs to communicate with any external systems, APIs, or services. Make a strategy for implementing and testing these interconnections.

  • #6 Aspect: Strategy and Schedule of the Project

Build a comprehensive roadmap and project plan including all necessary activities, their interconnections, and key project milestones.

2.4 Development

Your ideas will be forged in the fire of our software development process. The outsourcing professional developers, fluent in many different languages and frameworks, will work hard to bring your project to life. And, when it comes to how and when to achieve this, usually the majority of technology companies today will follow an agile approach, which allows us to adapt quickly to changes while keeping a consistent focus on code quality.

2.5 Quality Control and Testing

Most software outsourcing organizations place a premium on quality and client happiness as their guiding principles. Most software development teams’ methods for developing new features always require extensive testing. At this point, the QA professionals use a number of techniques, ranging from unit testing to system integration testing, to ensure that your product is bug-free and performs smoothly.

2.6 Deployment and Upkeep

When the time comes to expose your application to the public, the software development business will undoubtedly handle all aspects of the deployment procedure. However, their task will not end there. They will also have to provide comprehensive maintenance and upkeep services to keep your software secure, up to date, and servicing your changing needs.

3. Types of Software Development Companies

It’s crucial for client businesses looking into software outsourcing to be familiar with the various software development firms out there. Each kind succeeds in its own way and meets a different set of requirements in the corporate world. Businesses wishing to outsource their software projects would do well to consider the following sorts of software development companies:

3.1 Custom Software Development Agencies

  • Ideal for: Businesses that need highly customized software solutions.
  • Key features: Tailor-made solutions are developed from scratch by custom software development businesses. They provide development services that are both adaptable and individualized.

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3.2 Comprehensive Software Development Agencies

  • Ideal for: Companies looking for full solutions, from brainstorming to implementation, will benefit the most.
  • Key features: Services like requirements analysis, design, development, testing, and maintenance are all part of what full-service companies provide. They’re competent in every aspect of software development.

3.3 Offshore Development Centers (ODCs)

  • Ideal for: Organizations in need of affordable engineering teams or augmented IT departments.
  • Key features: ODCs are dedicated, continuous partnerships with developers situated abroad; these are typically nations that specialize in “young and inexpensive” IT, like Thailand, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines… They function as an extension of your in-house team, sharing responsibility for projects and ensuring that everyone shares the same values.

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3.4 Specialized Development Agencies

  • Ideal for: Businesses that need specialists in a certain field or technology.
  • Key features: Technically complex projects are best handled by agencies that specialize in the relevant technology, sectors, or areas.

3.5 IT Firms Specializing in Updating Legacy Software

  • Ideal for: Corporations using antiquated technology that really needs updating.
  • Key features: In reality, it is uncommon to come across organizations that specialize in repairing and regenerating ancient software. Because most outsourcing firms already provide this service. These companies, however, are pros in taking outmoded programs and transforming them into cutting-edge, productive applications.

3.6 Design Agencies Specializing on UI/ UX

  • Ideal for:  Businesses who put an emphasis on creating a user-friendly interface and satisfying user needs, dedicated to a certain typical software design need.
  • Key features: UI/UX design agencies focus on improving the usability of software by building attractive and easy-to-navigate interfaces. Furthermore, the elements that contribute to users’ satisfaction with the applications are also very significant and are shown in the UX design section.

4. Software Development Service Vendors: What to Expect?

The success of your business depends on the selection of software outsourcing vendors. Establishing clear standards for assessment can help you locate a reliable provider who can help you achieve your objectives. According to Saigon Technology, a 10-year IT industry veteran, the following are the 5 most  important factors to prioritize when selecting a reliable software outsourcing partner:

4.1 Expectations:

  • #1 Expectation: High-quality Deliverables

The first expectation is quality. Surely business customers, once looking for a software outsourcing partner, will make this a priority, and so will you! Once you choose a reliable partner, you can count on the vendor to provide reliable, high-quality software solutions that always work as promised.. 

  • #2 Expectation: Expense-effectiveness

Expect a fair trade-off between efficiency and quality of service provided while keeping costs in mind. Because clients do not always have to compromise quality in exchange for a low price! There are still numerous software outsourcing businesses that compete on the basis of Quality and Price. As a result, you will have various options. Also, remember that you should never sacrifice quality for a lower price.

  • #3 Expectation: Security

It is imperative to anticipate that the vendor will place utmost importance on data security and adhere to industry best practices in safeguarding your sensitive information.In addition, other relevant factors such as intellectual laws and regulations in the host country are also something worth considering if you choose to offshoring.

  • #4 Expectation: Open communication

It can be said that effective communication skills are essential for the success of the entire project. This refers to both the communication skills and English skills of the development team; and also on platforms for exchanging information, monitoring work progress… The vendor is responsible for keeping you up to speed, answering your questions, and addressing your issues in a timely manner.

  • #5 Expectation: Scalability

Scalability is critical for every technological development team since, not only in the present, but also in the future, everyone has to make more extensive progress in order to be successful and serve clients efficiently in the face of market volatility. The vendor must be able to raise or decrease their workforce in response to changes in project requirements or volume.

4.2 Details to Look for in a Reliable Vendor

  • #1 Detail: Portfolio

You can verify the portfolio of previous projects that the vendor has worked on in order to evaluate the variety and quality of their work. 

  • #2 Detail: Competencies of the Team

Credentials, certifications, and specific experience of each team member are three things you should ask about while talking with the vendor to ensure that your future employees are at the right level and capacity that you want.

  • #3 Detail: Region & Local time

It is crucial to analyze the vendor’s location before working with them to determine if you can travel to have face-to-face meetings with the staff. In addition, from the perspective of Saigon Technology in some previously shared articles, you should also consider how different time zones may affect communication and the general management of the project.

  • #4 Detail: Harmony with the Culture

It’s important to choose a vendor whose viewpoints and ethics in the workplace are consistent with your current internal team, since this will facilitate communication and cooperation.

  • #5 Detail: Measures for Safety

In addition to knowledge, skills, and background, the method of preserving confidential information, data, or source code is critical. You don’t want the project you delegated to the outsourcing team to be leaked, do you?

5. Typical Software Services Offered by an Outsourcing Company

There is one thing that Saigon Technology as well as many other leading reputable software outsourcing companies in Pacific Asia often mention in many shared articles: It is crucial to know what kinds of services a software development service firm provides before hiring them.

Here is the of the most popular offerings from software development firms, all of which can help your projects succeed:

5.1 Custom Software Development Services

  • Perfect for: Businesses that have their own special needs and objectives.
  • Principal Characteristics: Completely custom solutions built from the bottom up to meet your unique requirements and purposes, guaranteeing that your software fully supports your organization’s objectives.

5.2 Web Application Development Services

  • Perfect when: The clients are businesses who want to grow their presence on the web or create innovative software for the web.
  • Principal Characteristics: Creation of user-friendly, fast-loading, and feature-rich websites, web apps, and other kinds of web-based software.

5.3 Mobile App Development Services

  • Perfect for: Businesses whose target audience uses mobile devices or who want to interact with their consumers via specialized apps.
  • Principal Characteristics: Developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android, with a focus on user-friendliness and increased interaction with the brand as the end goal.

5.4 Cloud Application Development Services

  • Perfect for: Companies who want to take use of cloud computing’s scalability and power, as well as have their software applications run on cloud servers and be easy to develop, deploy, and administer.
  • Principal Characteristics: Leveraging the scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness of cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to build cloud-native apps.

5.5 AI and ML Development Services

  • Perfect for: Companies interested in using AI and ML into their software products, getting closer to new trends, choosing new technology to serve users and increase competitiveness.
  • Principal Characteristics: Develop advanced algorithms to perform data analysis, generate accurate predictions, and streamline various tasks through automation. 

5.6 E-commerce Solution Development Services

  • Perfect for: Organizations whose goal it is to open or expand their virtual storefront, very suitable for business units that want to get closer to customers while maintaining convenience for end-users.
  • Principal Characteristics: Creating online storefronts that allow for easy navigation and safe financial transactions from start to finish.

5.7 UI/UX Design and Development Services

  • Perfect for: Organizations are placing higher emphasis on software’s user interface and experience. 
  • Principal Characteristics: Properly crafted user interfaces that enhance both the utility and visual appeal of the product for each individual user.

5.8 Quality Assurance and Testing Services

  • Perfect for: Companies that put a premium on producing reliable software, wish to have a software product that is guaranteed in terms of technical aspects, avoiding unnecessary errors during use.
  • Principal Characteristics: Comprehensive testing to guarantee bug-free, stable, and safe software; this includes functional, performance, and security testing.

5.9 API and Integration Services

  • Perfect for: Organizations that want to link up with and incorporate external resources.
  • Principal Characteristics: Creating application programming interfaces (APIs) and integration solutions that facilitate interaction between different software modules.

5.10 Legacy Software Modernization Services

  • Perfect for: Companies using outdated software that needs modernizing.
  • Principal Characteristics: Preserving competitiveness, security, and efficiency in the digital era by updating and upgrading aging systems.

6. Cutting-edge technologies in software development services

Software development services that take use of cutting-edge tools and techniques may provide their clients with competitive advantages. Let’s look at the technologies that are making the most impact on this sector:

6.1 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Changing the Nature of Automation

There will soon be a new age of automation and intelligence thanks to AI and ML. Tools like this make it possible for programs to analyze data and modify their behavior accordingly. We can see applications from these two technologies anywhere in our lives. 


Specifically, AI and ML have the potential to change many different sectors, including healthcare and finance, by improving the accuracy and efficiency of data-driven choices.

6.2 Internet of Things (IoT)

Bridging the Gap Between the Real and Virtual

With the help of IoT technology, any gadget with an internet connection may join a larger network of “smart,” linked things. 


It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Internet of Things has promoted breakthroughs in many fields, such as “smart cities,” healthcare, agriculture, and other industries. IoT improves operations and customer service by providing real-time data, heightened monitoring, and automation to enterprises.

6.3 Blockchain

Strengthening Confidence and Safety

The blockchain technology that has become synonymous with digital currencies like Bitcoin has applications well beyond the financial sector. It’s a trustworthy system for keeping track of financial dealings and managing digital assets. And, of course, its effect is felt all across the world. Although certain countries/territories continue to ban the legality of this sort of technology, its popularity and great security cannot be denied. 


Supply chain, healthcare, and legal are just a few examples of areas where blockchain is being utilized to improve trust, decrease fraud, and expedite operations.

6.4 Quantum Computing

Leading the Way with Unparalleled Processing Speed

Quantum computing symbolizes the future of computation. It may be able to tackle challenges that are now too difficult for traditional computers to handle. 


Quantum computing is in its early stages, but it has the potential to transform several industries, including encryption, materials research, and AI.

6.5 Using CI/CD in the DevOps process

Quicker Release of New Software

While not particularly focused on “new technology,” continuous integration and development (CI/CD) in DevOps is a significant factor in quickening the pace at which a technological product is completed. Today’s software development cannot function without continuous integration and continuous delivery (DevOps) processes. They prioritize communication and coordination between software engineers and IT administrators, as well as the automation of testing and facilitation of dependable software releases.

7. Selecting the right software development service company

There are many possibilities available in the software development field, and each one offers a unique combination of knowledge, abilities, and methods.Following the reference of articles recognized by the famous Forbes magazine from Saigon Technology, we have filtered out some good ideas about factors to consider when preparing to choose a suitable partner. Here is the vital advice to help with this important decision-making process and guarantee that the goals of your project are accomplished to the highest standard. The most important factors are as follows:

7.1 Find Your Perfect Match via 8 Key Points

#1 Point to Consider: Skill and Know-How

Your ideal collaboration partner will have an established track record of accomplishment in completing projects of a comparable kind. To evaluate their level of competence, you could request case studies, portfolios as well as and customer references.

#2 Point to Consider: The Technical Team’s Expertise

Make sure the organization has experience with the technology your project will need. Their technical expertise is crucial in areas such as web app/ mobile app development, cloud computing, UX/UI design… or any other choice according to your own needs.

#3 Point to Consider:  Approaches of Development:

It is crucial that you be familiar with the company’s development process. Their methodology, whether it is Agile, Scrum, or anything else, must be consistent with the needs and goals of your project.

#4 Point to Consider: Openness and honesty in communication

The cornerstone of every successful collaboration is open, honest, and consistent communication. This is not only a matter of the time frame in which we can communicate with each other (in case you choose an offshore company to conduct outsourcing), but also about communication platforms and good English skills or not,…

#5 Point to Consider: Ability to Grow and Change

Your business associate needs to be able to ramp up or down their staffing levels depending on the demands of the project. Because your project status or needs are not always the same, flexibility is really necessary to ensure you stay on a budget, while also being able to make full use of the workforce you have.

#6 Points to Consider:  Cost and Budget Expenditure Disclosure

Explore the topic of open pricing and costs. Even while price really matters, it’s wise to keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for. Keep an eye out for extra fees and unreasonably low prices!

#7 Point to Consider: Contractual and Legal Considerations

Examine all legal documents, including contracts, IP protections, NDAs, and dispute resolution policies. Legal issues really need special attention when cooperating with each other, especially when cooperating with a software outsourcing company abroad. Hence, clarity in the law and in contracts is crucial.

#8 Point to Consider:  Region and local time

Think about the time zone variances that might arise depending on where the firm is located. The alignment of time zones may dramatically affect communication and project collaboration. Especially if you are headquartered in the US but the software outsourcing team you choose is located in Asia… and that means the difference in hours can be up to half a day.

7.2  The Client & Vendor Relationship

Maintaining compatibility is essential throughout the choosing step. The software development service provider you choose ought to share your business’s beliefs and work philosophy. Collaboration, mutual comprehension, and a harmonious working dynamic are all facilitated by this harmony.


Think of the big picture, not just this one project! Find a collaborator who is committed to the same end goal. With the right knowledge and experience, a software development firm can grow into a reliable partner in your digital transformation efforts.

7.3 Ideal Outsourcing Destinations Worldwide

Several areas and countries stand out as attractive locations for software outsourcing due to their mix of affordable rates and high-quality professionals. Several criteria, such as the nature of the project, available funds, and preferred time zone, should be taken into account before settling on a location.


As of my most recent data collection (January 2022), the following nations are generally regarded as offering an acceptable combination between low living expenses and a pool of talented developers:

  • India

Rates (per hour): 

     Junior Developer: $10 – $20

     Mid Developer: $20 – $40

     Senior Developer: $40 – $80

Highlights: India has a big and highly trained developer population, making it one of the most inexpensive places for software outsourcing. You have access to a broad variety of technical knowledge and experience.

  • Vietnam

Rates (per hour):

     Junior Developer: $10 – $20

     Mid Developer: $20 – $30

     Senior Developer: $30 – $50

Highlights: Based on the advantage of “golden population”, Vietnam is considered a dynamic and enthusiastic Southeast Asian country with a team of young software developers at the most competitive prices in the region.

  • Poland

Rates (per hour):

     Junior Developer: $20 – $30

     Mid Developer: $30 – $50

     Senior Developer: $50 – $80

Highlights: Poland’s advantageous location and availability of talented developers make it a desirable choice. The quality of the software it produces is one of its main selling points.

  • Belarus

Rates (per hour):

     Junior Developer: $20 – $30

     Mid Developer: $30 – $50

     Senior Developer: $50 – $80

Highlights: Like other countries with strengths in young workforce, Belarus’s developing IT industry provides several benefits, including low costs and a talented developer pool.

  • The Philippines

Rates (per hour):

     Junior Developer: $10 – $20

     Mid Developer: $20 – $30

     Senior Developer: $30 – $50

Highlights:  When it comes to non-technical professions like customer service, the Philippines has been a favorite outsourcing destination because to its cheap pricing and high quality service vendors.

7.4 Typical Platforms/ Channels to Pick your Vendor

There are several options available to help you locate and choose the best provider of software development for your needs. A few common approaches and platforms to look at are listed below.


#1 Option: Web-based Job Boards and Freelancing Hubs

You may reach a large pool of freelance developers and development agencies by posting your project on websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal. Potential vendors will register to pitch or give you relevant proposals based on the features of each platform. Besides, reviews, ratings, and portfolios are common features of these sites that may assist you decide which providers to work with.


#2 Option: Discussion Forums and Specialty Communities

You may find it helpful to participate in groups, forums, and topics that are specific to your field or technology stack. Having conversations with specialists in the field might help you find reliable partners.


#3 Option: LinkedIn and Other Reliable Social Media Sites

You may find prospective suppliers and learn about their skill sets by using LinkedIn. Twitter and Facebook are two of the numerous social media sites used by businesses to promote their products and services and provide useful information to their target audiences.


#4 Option: Technology Consultants and Management Advisory Firms:

Finding the right suppliers for your project is easier with the assistance of a technology consulting company. In addition, they may help you choose a provider by pointing you in the right direction.


#5 Option: Request for Proposals (RFPs)

You can make a request for proposals (RFP) summarizing the project’s specifications and send it directly to prospective vendors. Consider their explanations and suggestions on how to proceed with your project in light of their comments. However, this option is only ideal in case you already have a few suitable names in mind.


#6 Option: External Review Websites

You can check out Softwareoutsourcing.com, Glassdoor, or Indeed to learn about the vendor’s reputation and employee reviews from outside sources. These platforms always have fields accessible for you to choose depending on the specifics of your project. Simply check or fill in these information criteria, and appropriate vendors will display for you to choose from.


#7 Option: Chambers of Commerce & Regional Business Organizations

Software development business companies may be included in the membership directories of local business groups. Recommendations are available from these groups as well.

Key Takeaways

This guide surely will help you find your way through the confusing ‘maze’ of development firms, whether you’re an aspiring startup with big dreams or a well-established corporation looking to go digital.


From the complex procedures involved in development to the importance of cutting-edge technology, we started by getting a firm grasp on the fundamentals of the software development process. But in general, the key stages we need to remember are Requirement Analysis, Planning and Design, and Testing and Deployment, each of which is very important on the road to delivering high-quality software solutions.


An important choice that must be made is which software development service firm to choose. We highlighted the significance of both legal and contractual clarity and alignment of work cultures, as well as the need of assessing skills, technical competency, communication, expansion, and cost transparency. And from those factors, we move on to the ideal destinations (including countries/territories) to find a suitable reputable software outsourcing agency. It could be Vietnam, India, the Philippines in Asia or other Eastern region countries.  


Moreover, when setting out to use software development services, keep in mind that success depends on a well-thought-out strategy, extensive preparation, and an intimate familiarity with your end objectives. Selecting the right vendor and location for outsourcing may make your technological goals a reality; settle for nothing less than the best for your project.

Software Development

If you’re in search of reliable and innovative software solutions, check these top custom software development companies by country recommended by the Software Outsourcing Directory

We understand the importance of finding a perfect partner who can bring your ideas to life. All the companies we mention in this article have a proven track record of delivering advanced and software outsourcing services to your needs.  

So let us introduce you to the finest from around the world right now. Feel free to check out and determine your favorite! 

Top 30 Custom Software Development Companies By Country

Technology is evolving dynamically around the world. Yet, some countries seem to stand out in this competitive industry

We will highlight the best custom software development companies by country in this article. Many of them offer global services, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them.  


Vietnam’s digital economy is projected to experience a robust compound annual growth rate of 8.9%. This estimation indicates significant technological development in this country, making it a promising destination for investors worldwide. If you are searching for a Vietnamese software development company, consider the best as follows: 

Saigon Technology

Company size: 400+


Saigon Technology is the best software solutions company in Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland and USA. With more than ten years in the industry, it has established itself as a trusted ally for global clients. 

Saigon Technology has a big team of 400+ top-tier software engineers. Hence, the company stands out for its extensive expertise and knowledge of delivering top-notch software products. 

In 2002, the Vietnam Software Association for Software and IT Services awarded Saigon Technology the prestigious title of Best Outsourcing Company. This accolade underscores its dedication to excellence. 

NashTech Vietnam

Company size: 2,000+


  • Data Solutions
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Application Engineering
  • Technology Advisory
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Business Process Solutions

NashTech has 21 offices around the world, with three in Vietnam. The strategic position allows the company to cater to global clients. Now, it can leverage its global presence to provide innovative solutions with a local touch. 

With a team of over 2,300 engineers, NashTech possesses a vast pool of expertise. Its award-winning teams demonstrate a deep understanding of technology. They also apply their passion to their complex IT projects on a global scale. 

NashTech is also proud to keep up with the latest technology. This effort helps it stay prepared to offer modern business solutions.


Company size: 7,400+


  • Private Sector: Customer Experience, Business Applications, Core Applications & Integration, Data & Insights, Modern Workplace, Cloud & Platforms, and Operations & Application Maintenance
  • Public Sector: Benefits & Payments, Citizen Service, Grant Management, Debt Collection & Refunds, Registration, Case Management, Regulations, Filing & Reporting, Digital Infrastructure, Analytics & Evaluation, Internal Support, Issuing of Certificates and Licenses

Netcompany is a dynamic company founded in 2000. Now, it has developed to become a global leader in digital transformation. With over 7,400 employees from 50 nationalities across 10+ countries, Netcompany brings together a diverse and talented workforce. 

This software solutions company specializes in two sectors: public and private. First, Netcompany helps public authorities navigate the complexities of digital transformation. 

On the other hand, the company also understands the unique challenges you face. Then, it rapidly creates innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

Positive Thinking Vietnam

Company size: 3,200+


  • B.O.T Model
  • Cloud
  • Data & Analytics
  • Digital Workplace
  • Hyper Automation
  • Security
  • Software Product Engineering

Positive Thinking embodies the mindset of solution-oriented thinking. Founded in 2016, this company soon became a global force with over 3,200 local tech specialists in more than 35 countries. 

Positive Thinking serves various industries, including banking, healthcare, retail, insurance, telecom, retail, transportation, and the public sector. Their expertise has made a significant impact in these industries. 

Besides, more than just a name, the Positive Thinking mindset penetrates the company culture. Every coworker shares the same commitment to approaching every situation. 

KMS Technology

Company size: 1,000+


  • AI and Machine Learning
  • MVP Product Development
  • Platform Modernization
  • DevOps
  • Mobile App Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Software Testing 
  • Salesforce Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Kickstart

Established in 2009 in both the United States and Vietnam, KMS Technology has made global waves, becoming one of the best custom software development companies in Vietnam. It also earns widespread acclaim for its unrivaled commitment to excellence.

KMS has a suite of companies, including KMS Healthcare, KMS Solutions, and Software Allies. Each subsidiary within the KMS ecosystem focuses on serving clients in their own areas. 

Furthermore, as an offshoring company rooted in Vietnam, KMS Technology accesses the world’s top software talent. Thus, no worries about the quality of its bespoke software development services


India ranks third globally as an attractive tech investment destination. Here are the top custom software development companies in India.


Company size: 650+


  • IT Consulting
  • Software Development
  • Application Development
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Mobile App Development
  • DevOps Consulting
  • Dedicated Team
  • SaaS Development

RadixWeb is one of the best IT consulting and offshore software companies in India. After 22 years of experience, the company has defisned itself as a reliable assistant for businesses seeking innovative technology solutions. 

RadixWeb has completed over 4,200 projects. Besides, its client base spans five continents and 25 countries. 

Talented developers gather at RadixWeb. They have extensive functional knowledge and expertise in multiple programming languages, from .NET to React. This deep technical prowess allows them to provide superior code quality. 

Besides, RadixWeb ensures its understanding of your business needs. So whether you want to modernize legacy systems or expand your business, this bespoke software development company can satisfy your needs. 


Company size: 600,000+ 


  • Cloud
  • Cognitive Business Operations
  • IoT and Digital Engineering
  • Sustainability Services
  • Consulting
  • Data and Analytics
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Cybersecurity
  • TCS Interactive
  • TCS and AWS Cloud
  • TCS Enterprise Cloud
  • TCS and Google Cloud
  • TCS and Microsoft Cloud

TSC (Tata Consultancy Services) is a renowned IT services, consulting, and business solutions organization. Over 50 years of operation, it has become a trusted partner to some of the world’s biggest businesses. 

As one of the best software development agencies, TSC has a bold global presence across five continents. Besides, the diverse workforce comprising over 600,000 associates from 150 nationalities helps the company optimize its services. 

Currently, there are more than 614,000 employees. TSC also focuses on developing great skills among its staff, with an average of 121 hours of learning per employee every year. This investment ensures that they can lead industry advancements. 


Company size: 250,000


  • Applications
  • Artificial & Augmented Intelligence
  • Cloud
  • Consulting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Process
  • Business Solutions
  • Data & Analytics
  • Engineering
  • Infrastructure
  • Design & Experience
  • Digital Marketing & Interaction
  • Sustainability
  • Talent Cloud

Wipro is the oldest company on this list, established in 1945. With a rich history and profound experience, this firm has evolved into a global powerhouse. 

What’s more, Wipro serves clients across 66 countries. The workforce of over 250,000 hard-working employees contributes to its impact. 

In addition, Wipro’s expertise spans numerous diverse sectors, like media, communication, automotive, and medical devices, to name a few. 

You will also be surprised to find its list of awards and recognitions. Wipro even adds a filter tool to search for its achievements by year. 

CodeBrew Labs

Company size: 650+


  • Premium App Development
  • Mobile App Development Dubai
  • Build Your App
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Fintech Development
  • On-Demand Development
  • UI/UX Design e
  • Web Development
  • Growth & Marketing

CodeBrew Labs has been dedicated to accelerating the success of businesses like yours since 2013. With a focus on offering transformative solutions, the company takes pride in empowering over 10,000 firms across 150+ countries. 

CodeBrew Labs can achieve its goals thanks to the high-qualified employees. There are up to 650+ developers, 250 skilled marketers, 200 business analysts, and 300 UI/UX designers. They work diligently to build success for you. 

Moreover, CodeBrew Labs covers more than 35 industries. This bespoke software development company understands the unique challenges of different sectors. Hence, you can receive customized solutions that drive growth. 


Company size: 343,000+ 


  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Business Process Management
  • Incubating Emerging Offerings
  • Consulting Services 

Infosys has an impressive track record of 40 years. It’s not surprising to find out that the company stays at the forefront of driving digital transformation and innovation for businesses globally. 

Infosys operates in over 50 countries. The team of more than 343,000 talented employees works hard every day to provide outstanding solutions and services to their clients. 

Besides, since its debut in 1981, Infosys has expanded its reach with 13 subsidiaries around the globe. This expansion strengthens its capabilities to meet the diverse needs of clients. 


The best technological advancements worldwide come from the United States, although they don’t stay here. But yet, this country is undoubtedly one of the strongest hubs for technology. If you want to seek IT-related services in this area, check these top custom software development companies in the USA


Company size: 3,000+


  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • IT Services For Startups 

iTechArt is one of the best software companies. Headquartered in New York, the firm now spans over 20 offices with a team of 3,000+ skilled developers. 

Over 20 years in business, iTechArt has proudly served over 500 award-winning clients. The experts work hand in hand with their clients’ in-house engineers. By syncing their efforts, they catapult their operations to new heights. 

After the rebrand in May 2023, iTechArt has a new name, Vention. It’s still committed to equipping technology leaders with top-notch talents from renowned tech hubs. 

Vention also highlights its portfolio on its official website. So feel free to check them, and you can determine if Vention is your ideal destination.  


Company size: 700+ 


  • Software Development 
  • Testing and QA 
  • Application Services 
  • UI/UX Design 
  • Infrastructure Services 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Digital Transformation 
  • Managed IT Services 
  • IT Outsourcing 
  • IT Consulting 
  • IT Support 
  • Cybersecurity 

ScienceSoft is one of the most experienced IT consulting and software development companies on this list. It started as a small AI product company firm in 1989. Then, in 2002, ScienceSoft transitioned to IT services. 

ScienceSoft has been instrumental in assisting non-IT organizations and software product companies in enhancing business performance. It can also help attract new customers rapidly. 

ScienceSoft works in over 30 industries, including BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and more. Hence, it can deliver personalized solutions to specific industry requirements. 

Headquartered in the United States, ScienceSoft operates globally. Its clients can be non-IT enterprises and software product companies.

Saigon Technology USA

Company size: 400+


  • Offshore Software Development
  • AI Development Services
  • SaaS Solution Development Services
  • Web Application Development
  • DevOps Services
  • Software Outsourcing Services
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Offshore Software Testing Services
  • Software QA Testing
  • Custom Software Development
  • Software Product Development
  • MVP Development Services
  • PoC Development Services 

We have mentioned Saigon Technology as one of Vietnam’s best custom software developer companies. Yet, if you are looking for the same service in America, this company can also help. 

Since 2016, Saigon Technology has made significant strides in the realm of software development offshoring and outsourcing services. The company has established over 50 dedicated offshore teams in Australia, North America, Singapore, and Europe. 


Company size: 500+


  • Custom Software Solutions
  • Product Development
  • Managed Software Engineering
  • R&D
  • Quality Assurance
  • Scalability of Delivery 

Oxagile has come a long way since its inception in 2005. Starting as a promising tech startup, the company has evolved into a mature company with more than one billion users worldwide. 

Oxagile has a broad knowledge base spanning over 30 verticals and business domains. The expertise allows it to assist businesses in running at their best.

Over 17 years, Oxagile has served a massive clientele of more than 450 clients, including Forbes 2000 and Fortune 500 customers. 

Besides, its commitment to information security is noticeable. The ISO 27001 certification ensures the highest corporate standards in this regard.  

Congero Technology Group

Company size: 40+


  • Oracle Consulting
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Cloud Migration & Automation
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Software Development 

Operating in seven countries, Congero Technology Group is always one of the best providers of innovative billing solutions in the United States. Even with only 35 talents, the company has a notable standing in the industry. 

Among its products, Congero Cloud appears to be the most special one. It’s a rebuilt certified integration that seamlessly connects Oracle Billing and Revenue Management, Braintree payment, Salesforce CRM, Avalara taxation, and your company’s ERP platform. This end-to-end ecosystem revolutionizes your lead-to-cash processes. You will, therefore, have a streamlined and efficient workflow. 

The USA has the best technological advancements


For the twelfth year in a row, Switzerland retains its global leadership in innovation. And here are the five biggest software development companies in Switzerland:  

STS Software GmbH

Company size: 300+


STS Software GmbH has an engineering team with both local Swiss and international software development talents. The leadership apparatus tries every day to improve the skills and expertise of their team. 

STS Software GmbH has brought numerous software products to the market. All of those achievements come from the well-planned process and full lifecycle software development capabilities. 

STS confidently serves clients in major global powers. The experience enables the employees to offer the best solutions across various industries and geographies. 

Furthermore, there are more than 350 skilled software engineers onboard. STS also leverages the talents of Vietnamese professionals to drive their mission of leading the game.

Open Technologies Solutions


  • Identity and Access Management
  • Data Integration, Analysis and Management
  • Incentive Compensation Management
  • CRM
  • Secure Data Exchange
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Integration Solutions and Business Process Automation
  • Corporate Portal and Collaborative Tools

Another great option for those who seek a prominent software development company in Switzerland is Open Technologies Solutions. The portfolio of over 300 big projects, with 30 international ones, has helped the company garner a solid background. 

95% of its customers choose to work with Open Technologies Solutions again. This testament proves that the company aims to have long-term relationships with its clients. 

Moreover, Open Technologies Solutions has been in the industry for over 15 years. Its skilled software development team possesses all the expertise needed to create apps for multiple platforms. 

KI Group Suisse

Company size: 300+ 


  • Digital Transformation: Venture Creation, Digital Product and Channel Development, and Business Development and Talent Management 
  • Software & Cloud: Technology Modernization, Technology Modernization, and Technology Modernization 
  • Agile Frameworks & Execution: Data Management, Customized Solutions and Structures, and Digital Enablement and Transformation
  • Data Products & Platforms: Modern Project Steering, Framework & Product Execution, and Tech & Data Enablement

KI Group Suisse is among the best mobile app development companies you can find in Switzerland. The team of more than 300 IT experts contributes to the capacity of the company to handle complicated projects. 

With over two decades of experience, KI Group Suisse unlocks unique business opportunities for its clients. Its history of success shows how devoted it is to providing top-notch services. 

The targeted expertise enables the company to comprehend the specific demands of Switzerland’s industry leaders. Based on that, it can come up with solutions that prioritize customers. 


Company size: 240+ 


  • Development: Consulting, Hardware, Software, and Display & Control Module
  • New Product Introduction: Consulting, PCB Design, Fast Prototyping, and NPI Process
  • Serial Manufacturing: Consulting, PCB Assembly, Device Assembly, and Test Engineering

IFTEST started as an engineering agency specializing in test equipment. Since 1982, the company has experienced remarkable development and turned into a global EMS provider. 

IFTEST employs a team of 240 professionals. They work in two locations, Switzerland and Slovakia, to serve clients globally. 

The team members are well-versed in the most advanced Quality Management methods. Cutting-edge inspection technologies are pivotal elements of success.  


Company size: <50 


  • Cloud DNA
  • IT Consulting
  • Training
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Digital Mind
  • Infrastructure And Dynamic Monitoring
  • Agile Transformation
  • Oracle Database Service

WideSide can solve all IT outsourcing needs by providing consulting services. This company is a part of Codeway, which combines the expertise and visions of multiple companies. Meanwhile, Codeway tries to preserve the individuality of each established entity.

Since 2020, WideSide has collaborated with many renowned Swiss businesses in different industries. Its collaborative approach is a big plus. 


Australia also amazes the world with its achievements in technology. There are many bespoke software development companies here, but the following always remains on the top: 

ODS Group Pty

Company size: <500


ODS Group has a special talent for bringing together outstanding programming teams. With more than ten years of experience, they have gained deep expertise in software development.

What’s truly remarkable is its ability to quickly find and engage developers, which will pleasantly surprise you. Your projects can go smoothly, thanks to team engagement. 

Besides, ODS Group feels proud of its professionals who are highly skilled in their areas. The company also encourages its employees to improve and maintain their expertise between projects continually. 

Appello Software

Company size: 80+


  • Healthcare Software Development
  • Education Software Development
  • iOS App Development
  • UX/UI App Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • Android App Development
  • FinTech Software Development

Appello, established in 2016, has built a stellar track record with 140 successful projects under its belt. The agency also takes pride in its 100% customer satisfaction rate. 

You’ll be delighted to explore their impressive portfolio when you visit Appello’s official website. It’s a good way to highlight the company’s ability to transform brilliant ideas into user-friendly solutions. 

In addition, working with Appello, you will engage in a three-stage working process. This management method guarantees a comprehensive experience throughout the development process.


Company size: 500+


  • Infrastructure
  • Software Development
  • Advanced Tech
  • Advisory
  • Maintenance And Support
  • Security And Compliance

Fingent houses over 500 tech specialists proficient in diverse technologies and frameworks. And with the rich experience of 18 years, the company has successfully completed 800+ projects. 

Before any project, Fingent tries to understand your business landscape. With that thought in mind, the staff will thoroughly analyze your business requirements to offer your tailored solutions. 

At Fingent, security is a top priority. The company provides secure workstations for development and testing. Hence, you won’t have to be concerned about your precious data.

Working Mouse

Company size: <25


  • Software Development
  • Legacy Projects
  • Product Design
  • Software Modeling

Based in Brisbane, Working Mouse is now assisting clients throughout Australia in achieving their strategic goals. Since its establishment in 2013, the Australian-owned company has developed strongly. 

One of its notable achievements is the award-winning Codebots technology. This invention enables Working Mouse to streamline the development process. Its team can then focus on building creative solutions effectively. 

Working Mouse works closely with its clients to understand their unique requirements. The key is the team of experienced designers, developers, and project managers. 

EB Pearls 

Company size: 300+


  • Mobile Apps
  • Website Design
  • eCommerce
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Quality Assurance
  • DevOps

EB Pearls is among the top custom software development companies in Australia. With a wealth of industry expertise spanning over 17 years, the company has become a reliable ally for businesses seeking exceptional software solutions.

EB Pearls is operating across multiple offices and development centers globally. The global reach allows the company to leverage its skills to deliver top-notch solutions to clients worldwide. 

With over 4,200 completed websites and 72 international awards, EB Pearls has demonstrated its ability to deliver successful projects. The reliability helps it grow and expand its customer base. 


Singapore maintains its rank as the world’s second most digitally competitive nation. Let’s explore the top custom software development companies in Singapore.  

TechTIQ Solutions Pte

Company size: <25


TechTIQ Solutions Pte has made its mark by developing over 300 mobile and web apps across various industries. The cutting-tool tools offer clients a wide array of functionalities and services. 

TechTIQ Solutions has been working in the outsourcing software industry since 2017. The company also earns its reputation for providing excellent customer support with round-the-clock assistance, free consultation services, and competitive rates on all projects. Clients can rely on this service provider for ongoing support. 

The company is also proud of its efficient staff. They have a solid technical background and deep dedication to work. That’s why TechTIQ can satisfy more than 150 clients.  



  • System Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Excel/Access Macro Programming
  • Design UI/UX
  • nopCommerce Development

As a top IT solutions provider, SEA aims to help businesses in South East Asia by offering complete software services. Its focus is on SMEs and MNCs located in Singapore. 

SEA was founded in 2017. Since then, the company has tried to promote its reputation in South East Asia. It even built Offshore Development Centres in Nepal and Indonesia to provide customized and cost-effective solutions. 

Besides, SEA combines its expertise with a thorough understanding of the local market dynamics. Its objective for this strategy is to offer innovative services for businesses. 


Company size: <50 


  • User Experience
  • Interface Design
  • Consultancy
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • CMS
  • Emerging Tech
  • Coaching

Codigo is an award-winning mobile application developer based in Singapore. It also has offices in Vietnam and Myanmar. With a strong presence in those regions, the company can provide localized solutions. 

Codigo is famous for its complete end-to-end solution for numerous digital touchpoints, too. Whether you need mobile apps, web portals, or touchscreen kiosks, the expert team of the company can bring your vision to life. 

Besides, Codigo proudly features 5% of its published projects on its website. Thus, you can take a look at its capabilities. 

Behind the success of Codigo is a team of brilliant minds. Their passion for technology drives them to innovate boldly constantly. 


Company size: <50 


  • Mobile App Strategy: Design Sprints, User & Stakeholder Research, Competitive Landscape Analysis, Product Recovery Workshops, Usability Testing, and Interactive Prototyping
  • Design: App UI Design, UX Exploration, MVP Prototyping, Design System Development, and Usability Research & Reporting
  • Development: Mobile Apps, Software Development, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Deployment, CMS & Business Intelligence Dashboards, and Expertise in iOS & Android
  • Maintenance: Monitoring, Aspiration Roadmaps, Product Updates, and Regular Reviews 

Buuk is a pioneering digital design and development company. Since its inception in 2007, the company has contributed to shaping the digital landscape. 

Buuk delivers customized solutions to both B2C and B2B clients. Creating custom digital services and products is the ultimate goal of the company to meet its clients’ unique needs. 

After years of operation, Buuk has offices in Singapore and Vietnam. The strong presence in both areas allows it to cater to clients’ requirements. 

As Buuk celebrates its 10th anniversary, the company continues to push boundaries in its digital solutions. Its forward-thinking approach plays a vital role in its success.  


Company size: 100+


  • Mobile Applications 
  • Web Applications 
  • Social Applications 
  • Blockchain
  • Penetration Testing
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Business Intelligence 

Vinova has worked in the industry for 13 years. The company has expanded its operations and now boasts a team of over 150 skilled developers and engineers in both Singapore and Vietnam. 

Vinova’s mobile apps serve millions of users in Singapore. Its portfolio includes renowned apps like The Business Times, Prudential, and STOMP. These apps are an essential part of users’ lives. 

Besides, Vinova is recognized as one of Singapore’s top Mobile Applications Development Companies. It owes its success to the unwavering support of loyal clients and exceptional employees. 



After exploring the top 30 custom software development companies by country, you may have your winner. The good news is that they all provide high-quality services. So consider carefully before choosing your best bet. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!