Welcome to the top 30 software outsourcing companies in the world by the Software Outsourcing Journal. All of them have built a strong reputation for their outstanding software outsourcing services. 

We will reveal the game-changers in the outsourcing software industry here. From America’s tech hubs to Asia and Europe’s vibrant landscapes, you can locate ideal partners to grow your business. So let’s get ready to be inspired by the top players!¬†¬†

Top 30 Software Outsourcing Companies In The World

The realm of software outsourcing is expanding as our demands grow. By 2023, outsourcing is anticipated to witness a substantial growth of 70%. Besides, companies plan to delegate at least 36% of their software developers to external providers.

Thus, the list of IT outsourcing companies keeps increasing, giving you a tough decision on the best. To help you make an informed decision, we recommend top performers on different continents. There are 30 options on our premier lineup. 


First, discover the leading software development outsourcing companies in Asia. These technological leaders have been famous for their innovative approaches and unparalleled expertise. 

Saigon Technology

Company size: 400+


Vietnam has become a software hub in Southeast Asia. So we will start our list with Saigon Technology, one of the best IT outsourcing firms in this country. 

With a proven track record of excellence, Saigon Technology has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional technology solutions. This outsourcing company specializes in software development, web/mobile app development, quality assurance, and IT consulting services. 

Saigon Technology has a team of experienced professionals who excel in offering tailored solutions. They will meet the unique needs of each client. 

Moreover, Saigon Technology prioritizes collaboration, on-time delivery, and transparency with a customer-centric approach. The only purpose of this company is to ensure client satisfaction at every step.


Company size: 2,000+


  • Data Solutions
  • Technology Advisory
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Application Engineering
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Business Process Solutions

With over 20 years of industry expertise, NashTech has established itself as a reliable partner for businesses worldwide. Its commitment to quality is evident in its CMMI level 5 and ISO 9001 certifications. 

NashTech is operating in multiple locations across the globe, including the UK, Asia, and Europe. The company brings a truly global perspective to its services anywhere it goes. 

There are now more than 2,000 highly-qualified developers and engineers in the company. These professionals have completed over 1,000 projects to serve diverse industries, such as healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. 

KMS Technology

Company size: 1,000+


  • AI and Machine Learning
  • DevOps
  • MVP Product Development
  • Platform Modernization
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Testing¬†
  • Salesforce Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Software Engineering
  • Kickstart

With offices in various countries, KMS Technology can provide its high-quality services to any area around the world. The 12-year experience is a big plus. 

KMS’s team of 1,000 talented professionals is dedicated to delivering top-notch IT outsourcing services. You can get help with your QA testing, application maintenance, and cloud migration.¬†

Besides, this software outsourcing company offers end-to-end solutions. The staff can also assist clients in languages like Python, C#, Java, .NET Core, and Ruby. 

Additionally, KMS features a global footprint with different companies, each serving clients in their industries and regions.

TechTIQ Solutions 

Company size: <25


TechTIQ Solutions is a dynamic IT outsourcing company that specializes in providing innovative solutions and digital transformation services. With a proven record of successful implementations, the company has earned a reputation for excellence in the industry. 

TechTIQ Solutions has five years of experience in providing outsourcing software development services. With a strong foundation, it has become a trusted assistant for businesses seeking digital transformation solutions. 

You can also receive 24/7 support service and free consultation at competitive rates. The company always tries its best to solve all of your IT-related problems. 


Company size: 5,000+


  • Custom Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • Software Product Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Software Testing & QA
  • UI/UX Design

Over the past two decades, India’s services exports have experienced a robust growth rate of 14%. India is also one of the biggest exporters of IT services globally.

Tatvasoft is an Indian software development company with over 20 years of experience in providing cutting-edge solutions. With a strong focus on client satisfaction, the company has completed more than 1,800 projects for over 810 global customers across 22+ industries. 

Tatvasoft prides itself on its robust technology stacks. The company’s professionals leverage a wide range of skills to develop innovative software solutions tailored to meet clients’ needs.¬†

One of the critical characteristics of Tatvasoft is its business-friendly hiring models. It offers flexible engagement options like dedicated teams, fixed prices, and time models. They all allow clients to choose the best model based on their requirements and budget.

Unleash the power of Asian technological advancements  

North America

North America is home to a thriving technology industry. Here are the top-tier firms in the area. 


Company size: <50 


  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • System Integrator
  • Project Management
  • Front-End Development

Codeday has a strong emphasis on the Adobe Platform. Hence, the Codebay team includes experts with in-depth knowledge of working with AEM (Adobe Experience Manager). Their expertise extends to developing customized and scalable solutions on this platform. 

Beyond its specification in Adobe, Codeday offers more services for cloud solutions and app development. It’s committed to staying at the forefront of technology trends, ensuring clients can access the latest innovations.¬†

Besides, Codebay works in various fields. Hotel chains, consultants, food, fashion, magazines, supermarkets, supply chains, and home automation are among the most popular choices. 


Company size: <200


  • App Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • QA & Testing
  • Code Review
  • UI/UX Design
  • Big Data Services
  • AI Services
  • SaaS Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Blockchain Development
  • IoT Development

SumatoSoft is one of the best software development companies in the world. With more than ten years of experience delivering brilliant technology solutions, it has maintained an impressive 98% satisfaction rate among its esteemed clients. 

What sets SumatoSoft apart is its team of highly skilled professionals, with 70% of them being senior engineers. Their extensive knowledge helps them tackle complex projects and provide exceptional results. 

Furthermore, SumatoSoft offers a comprehensive range of services for various industries and business needs. The company also prioritizes understanding its client’s goals and vision to create customized solutions.¬†

Kanda Software

Company size: 650+


  • Custom Software Development
  • Digital Transformation Services
  • Mobile Application Development
  • QA and Testing Services
  • Front End Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Application Maintenance & Support
  • Big Data
  • DevOps

During its 25 years of working in IT outsourcing services, Kanda Software is worldwide famous for its innovative solutions. More than 80% of its team members hold advanced degrees in Data Science, Computer Science, and related fields. 

Kanda Software’s expertise spans a multitude of technologies, platforms, APIs, IDEs, databases, and frameworks. The diverse skill set allows the staff to navigate various software development processes seamlessly.¬†

The numerous options in terms of services, verticals, and technologies are big perks when working with Kanda. The company has now satisfied more than 350 companies thanks to its outstanding services.  

South America

Like the northern area, South America is brimming with technological talent and innovation. So let’s explore the best IT outsourcing companies you can find here.¬†


Company size: 4,000+


  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • QA and Testing
  • AI and Data Science
  • UX/UI Design
  • Platform and Infrastructure

BairesDev was founded in 2009. The rich history enables the company to develop its skill set and define its reputation in the industry. 

With an impressive track record of more than 1,200 successful projects completed for over 500 companies, BairesDev has garnered recognition and acclaim from esteemed sources like Nasdaq, Forbes, and Inc 5000. These recognitions are a testament to BairesDev’s excellence.¬†

Plus, BairesDeb is proud to have a dedicated team of over 4,000 professionals. They work tirelessly to help clients succeed every day.

The company’s success also lies in its ability to adapt to cutting-edge technologies. From software development to AI, BairessDev has the expertise to complete complicated projects in different industries.¬†

Waverley Software

Company size: 400+


  • Digital Transformation
  • Software Product Development
  • Dedicated Team
  • Cloud Solutions
  • DevOps Services
  • Embedded Software
  • Web Portals
  • Data Science & AI
  • Mobile Apps¬†
  • Blockchain
  • Integration Svcs.¬†
  • Cyber Security
  • UI/UX Services
  • AQ and Testing
  • Software Support

Waverley Software is among the software outsourcing companies with the most experience Р30 years. A deep understanding of the industry has helped it a lot to become a reliable provider of technology services. 

One of the key strengths of Waverley Software is its extensive engineering talent pool, which exceeds 400 experts. Thanks to the strategic locations, the company accesses a vast network of skilled individuals who contribute to the effectiveness of their projects. 

Moreover, Waverley Software prides itself on its ability to rapidly launch teams, with an average timeframe of just three weeks. This rapid start ensures clients can quickly initiate their projects. 


Company size: 350+


  • Kubernetes Support & Managed Services
  • Kubernetes¬†
  • Cloud-Native Development
  • VMware
  • DevOps
  • Service Mesh
  • Custom Software

Another prominent software development provider on this list is Altoros. This 20-year-old company has accomplished over 1,400 projects, solidifying its position as a trusted ally for businesses worldwide. 

Altoros actively propels the advancement of the software development ecosystems with a remarkable feat of over 100 contributions to Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) projects.

At Altoros, client satisfaction is the top priority. The company works closely with its customers to understand their unique requirements and deliver the best solutions that align with their business objectives. 


Company size: +1,000


  • Software Development
  • Mobility
  • User Experience
  • Digital Marketing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Security
  • Data & Analytics
  • DevOps & CloudOps¬†

10Pearls is an award-winning digital development company. Since its establishment in 2004, 10Pearls has been making incredible strides in the digital landscape, helping individuals and businesses thrive in an ever-evolving technological world. 

Additionally, with a global presence spanning offices in various countries, 10Pearls brings together diverse perspectives and expertise to offer the best solutions for worldwide clients. 

The company’s growth is noticeable in its consistent recognition on the prestigious Inc.5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America for four consecutive years, from 2019 to 2022. This accolade solidifies the company’s fame in the industry.¬†

At 10Pearls, innovation has no bounds. Its pioneering entity, 10Pearls Labs, leverages cognitive technologies like AI, ML, and NLP to push boundaries.  

The best tech innovators in South and North America

Western Europe

Europe is a hub of technological excellence. We will look into the west side first. Here are the top outsourcing companies in Western Europe. 

STS Software GmbH 

Company size: 300+


STS Software CH is a distinguished IT company with over 20 years of collective experience among its staff members. As a strong player, this IT outsourcing company offers a wide range of services across 10+ categories, ensuring comprehensive coverage for clients’ software needs.¬†

One notable aspect of STS Software is its unwavering commitment to project deviation. The devoted team’s efforts are 100% exclusively focused on each client’s specific requirements. This focused approach guarantees tailor-made solutions that address unique business challenges effectively.¬†

STS Software CH also takes pride in serving clients from major global powers, like Switzerland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many others. Its global reach is part of its success. 


Company size: 5,500+


  • Cloud Services
  • Software Services
  • Software Platforms
  • Outsourcing
  • Business Solutions
  • Digital Experiences
  • Data & Automation
  • IT Team Extension
  • 5G & Mobile Private Networks

Cegeka is one of the most experienced and respected software development companies. Since its foundation in 1992, Cegeka has built a strong reputation for offering high-quality services to more than 2,500 satisfied customers. 

With a vast European presence in over 20 offices, Cegeka aims to serve clients across the continent. Its extensive network encourages the staff to provide localized support and tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each market. 

Another achievement in the company’s rich history is its ecosystem, comprising Nexuzhealth, NSI IT Software & Services, and Cegeka-dsa. The close cooperation within the system has assisted the company in driving digital transformation.¬†¬†


Company size: 4,000


  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Architecture
  • Enterprise Application Services
  • NEORIS Innovation Labs
  • NEORIS zDevOps
  • Data, Analytics & AI
  • NEORIS Cloud Services
  • Smart E-commerce

When it comes to Tech Consulting services, NEORIS ranks among the best. The company has an impressive legacy of over 20 years, serving clients in every continent. 

Now, 27 NEORIS offices are working around the world. The extended geographical coverage allows the company to provide personalized services to ensure client satisfaction. 

NEORIS also stands out from its competitors by upholding world-class standards in its procedures and services. Engineers and developers always try their best to benefit their valued clients. 

The success of this software development provider comes with the staff’s expertise and collaborative approaches. Owing to their efforts, NEORIS has completed over 1,200 large-scale projects.¬†


Company size: 4,000+


  • System Development¬†
  • Tech-associated Services
  • Data-driven Customer Experiences
  • Digital Communication
  • Digitalization
  • Management Consultancy¬†
  • Organizational Development

Another experienced outsourcing company to consider in this industry is Knowit. Founded in 1990, Knowit has become a prominent force with more than 4,000 talented employees across multiple countries. 

The company structures its IT outsourcing services into four areas: Solutions, Experience, Connectivity, and Insight. Solutions is the largest one, with a team of 1,900 specialists. 

On the other hand, Experience is the company’s leading digital agency in the Nordic region. With about 1,000 experts, Knowit has created engaging digital experiences that drive business growth.¬†¬†

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is also known for its technological development. The most reputable firms that excel in delivering software development services are as follows: 


Company size: 2,000


  • Team Extension
  • Custom Software Development
  • Product Discovery
  • Technology Consulting

The remarkable 20-year presence in the market can demonstrate how stably and powerfully N-iX has grown. And it’s true; the company prides to be in the top 100 global outsourcing companies in the world.¬†

N-iX has a team of more than 2,000 professionals working across 25 countries in Europe and the Americas. They work diligently to solve problems in various domains, including AI, cloud, data analytics, and other relevant fields. 

Throughout its long history, N-iX has collaborated with industry-leading enterprises. These projects create value across businesses in different sectors. 

Besides, N-iX believes in building long-term partnerships. Their client engagements range from three to ten years. 


Company size: 2,000+


  • Advisory (Product and service design, Data science, Cyber security, Data strategy, Sustainability consulting, and Technical feasibility study)
  • Engineering (PoC development, Enterprise apps, Application Re-engineering, App development, Cloud migration, and Smart team)
  • Optimization (Software audit, Quality assurance, and Support)

ELEKS has been the preferred partner for numerous leading enterprises, SMEs, and technology innovators worldwide. 

ELEKS team of 2,000 highly skilled specialists has done more than 700 end-to-end projects. They are always ready to bridge any skill gaps within your in-house team. 

Currently, ELEKS leads 18 offices across three continents. So whether you need assistance with software development, data analytics, or any IT-related jobs, the company can adapt to your demands. 

During the project, ELEKS works closely with its clients. The commitment explains its client satisfaction rate of over 97%. 


Company size: 2,300+


  • Managed Services
  • Intelligent Business
  • Digital Experience
  • Solution Engineering
  • Innovation Services
  • Technology & Security Advisory¬†

Like N-iX, Infopulse is one of the top 100 players in the industry. The company has a talented team with more than 2,300 experts across 16 offices in seven countries. 

Infopulse is committed to building long-term partnerships. Over 70 clients have worked with this agency for over five years. This engagement rate explains how the company has grown that strong during 30 years of operation. 

Besides, Infopulse is part of Tietoevry, the leading Nordic digital and software company. The synergy allows it to provide the best practices to its clients. 


Company size: 4,000+


  • Intelligent Automation
  • Data & Analytics
  • Product Engineering

Ciklum specializes in solving intricate business challenges for multinational organizations and scaling startups. It now has over 4,000 highly-qualified developers, consultants, and analysts. 

Since its debut in 2002, Ciklum has been at the forefront of technology in the area. The company keeps expanding in other regions, with 15+ development centers and 20+ offices across the globe. 

One unique feature of Ciklum is the Ciklum Technology Radar. This complimentary tool helps your business choose the right technologies. Also, you won’t have to waste time and resources on unsuitable solutions.¬†¬†

Europe has a strong influence in the global tech market


Many highly skilled engineers and developers gather in Australia. Hence, you can easily find top software outsourcing companies in this area. The best options are: 

ODS Group

Company size: <500


ODS Group excels in collaborating with clients to assemble a team of highly skilled programmers. This Sydney-based company also has a global outlook in the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. 

With more than ten years of experience, ODS Group has earned comprehensive knowledge in software development. You will be surprised to learn about its ability to access developers immediately. What’s more, they can work in almost every framework and technology, from Java to React.¬†

EB Pearls

Company size: 300+


  • Mobile Apps
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Website Design
  • eCommerce
  • Quality Assurance
  • DevOps

EB Pearls is a highly regarded software development company based in Sydney. It is ranked as one of the most sought-after agencies in this field. And its number one ranking on Clutch with a stellar 4.9-star rating can tell how excellent its services are.

Since its inception in 2004, EB Pearls has worked tirelessly to earn 72 excellence awards. Of course, its ultimate goal is to deliver first-rate projects to ensure client satisfaction. 

The core competency of EB Pearls lies in its talented team of over 300 experts strategically located across four cities. They consistently strive to surpass client expectations in timeline and quality. 


Company size: 500+


  • Software Development
  • Advanced Tech
  • Infrastructure
  • Advisory
  • Maintenance And Support
  • Security And Compliance

Fingent is a global technology partner catering to a diverse client base spanning over 14 countries. During its 18 years of experience, the company has honed its technical insight. It even earned the prestigious ISO 27001:2013 certification to demonstrate its expertise. 

As a trusted partner, Fingent has collaborated with more than 150 businesses, including SMBs, startups, and Fortune 500 enterprises. The unwavering dedication to providing groundbreaking solutions has firmly established its standing within the industry.


Company size: 6,900+ 


  • Application Modernization
  • Cloud Services
  • Customer Experience & DXP
  • Data & Analytics
  • Digital Product Design & Development

CI&T has amassed more than 27 years of experience. The company boasts a demonstrable history of creating substantial business value through scalable digital solutions. 

CI&T team has up to 6,900 professionals that specialize in engineering, data science, research, and strategy. Their knowledge, skills, and commitment make them reliable partners. Thus, do not worry when choosing them if you want to thrive in the digital age. 

Appello Software

Company size: 80+


  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Healthcare Software Development
  • UX/UI App Design
  • Custom Software Development
  • Education Software Development
  • FinTech Software Development

Appello proudly showcases its portfolio on its official website. Hence, you can see many of its past projects easily. 

Since its establishment in 2016, Appello has achieved success by offering more than 140 projects. The 100% customer satisfaction rate is among the best things that encourage you to choose this agency. 

Furthermore, Appello follows a meticulous three-stage working process. This approach ensures you receive the utmost value at every phase of your journey. 

Five best partners in Australia 


Africa is a rising continent for tech solutions. Here are the best five software outsourcing providers in this area.  


Company size: 300+


  • Software Development
  • Software Maintenance
  • Mobile Development
  • Web App Development
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Hire Development

SovTecg is Africa’s premier custom software development company. The company has a team of top-tier engineers, QA testers, designers, and business analysts. They are the ones who give you cutting-edge solutions.¬†

One of the key advantages of partnering with Sovtech is its speed in assembling high-performance teams. The average time to hire a team is about nine weeks in many companies. Yet, SovTech can kick off your project in just one month. 

The company has an extensive portfolio of over 1,200 successful projects. The SovTech team has written over 83 million lines of unique code.  


Company size: 1,500+


  • Custom Software
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data & Analytics
  • Experience Design
  • Strategy & Advisory
  • The Entelect Academy

Founded in 2001 by Dr. Charles Pritchard, Entelect emerged from the Electrical Engineering school with a vision to deliver technology solutions. He set the stage for the company’s success.¬†

The rich history of Entelect spans over 22 years. The Financial Times recognized it as one of Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2022.¬†

Entelect is well-positioned with offices across South Africa and other countries. It has served clients globally and has become famous in the outsourcing industry.  

There are 150 active projects now. With 1,500 qualified software professionals, Entelect will surely provide desired outcomes.


Company size: 80+


  • Product: Product Development, SaaS Development, UI/UX Design, and AR Development
  • Platform: Web Applications, Mobile Applications, and Desktop Applications
  • Enterprise: ML, AI, and Data Science, Legacy Support & Upgrade, Enterprise Software, and DevOps Implementation

Redwerk has accumulated 18 years of operation. The team has experts that boast over 450 years of combined experience. With more than 550,000 development hours invested in numerous projects, the company has served over 50 million users. 

Redwerk embraces diversity in languages and platforms. Plus, the developers are proficient in various technologies. 

When you work with Redwerk, your project is 100% yours. Redwerk even transfers all intellectual property rights for the software it develops for you. 


Company size: 450+


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • UI/UX

MobiDev is an experienced player in the world of technology solutions. The team of over 450 experts can turn your ideas into reality effectively. 

MobiDev has been working hard for over 13 years to launch more than 400 products for its valued clients. Hence, whatever you need, this service provider can tackle it.  

MobiDev divides its services into two sections: technology and business focus. Depending on your needs, you can select the suitable aspect to build your strategic goals and satisfy your market needs. 


Company size: 150+


  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Data Science
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Team Augmentation

Since its inception in 2005, Unicsoft has experienced an impressive 20-fold growth. Its long list of achievements bring the company to this top list. 

Now, Unicsoft is a partner of more than 130 businesses worldwide. Its reputation comes with the positive feedback of satisfied customers and recognition on Clutch.co. 

Unicsoft is also good at attracting and retaining top talents in the software engineering field. These experts are passionate about solving tricky tasks and joining digital transformation on a global scale. 

Companies that pioneer technological breakthroughs in Africa


Above are the top 30 software outsourcing companies in the world by the Software Outsourcing Journal. They can tackle your business challenges with their client-centric approach and extraordinary skills. 

Hopefully, Software Outsourcing Journal has helped you settle on a perfect partner for your next project. Thank you for reading!