We are the Lean Startup Evangelists who are after your budget saving through wise development (and not price/rate damping).

For the last 3 years, we launched over 70 startups and 20 of them could get to a profit zone. This means, that the success probability is x95 more than the average number on the market.

Each startup needs to save every penny. And that’s why the Lean Startup methodology, that we are using. We are delivering the best startup experience, and for this purpose, we are hiring team members with an entrepreneurial set of minds.

- Trial Period: 2-week Trial Period with a full money-back guarantee;
- Transparency: Time & Task tracking;
- 100% code ownership: You will get no copy-paste junk;
- Risk-free: Post-payment working format;
- So Fast, So Furious: We have weekly Sprints;
- Quick start: The kick-off is in a week.