Web Spiders (WS) is a pioneering enterprise software company specializing in crafting innovative digital solutions tailored for Marketing and Data Intelligence teams. Their primary focus revolves around enhancing 'user engagement' and maximizing ROI through the integration of mobility and Artificial Intelligence-driven Bots. Established in 2000, WS boasts over 23 years of unparalleled expertise in Digital Strategy, Customer Experience (UX), and Digital Enablement.

Among its flagship offerings are ZOE-Customer Service Automation, Gecko - a premier AI-based Marketing Co-Pilot, and e2m.LIVE - a comprehensive event engagement suite.

Headquartered in New York City, Web Spiders has expanded its reach globally with offices in London, Singapore, and India. What sets them apart is their dedicated local account managers situated in New York, London, and Singapore. These managers play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient project management, guaranteeing seamless and effective collaboration for clients worldwide.