"SwitchOn (https://switchon.io) offers specialized services in Keras Development, making it a prominent provider of Vision AI inspection solutions tailored for the manufacturing industry. Renowned global manufacturers like Unilever, P&G, Diageo, ITC, SKF, and Tata, among others, have already adopted the SwitchOn DeepInspect platform at multiple global sites, resulting in reduced product wastage, enhanced cost-efficiency, and the preservation of brand quality.

One remarkable aspect of SwitchOn's offering is its proprietary AI model, which rapidly trains on ""good samples"" within hours using readily available hardware, all while maintaining high accuracy. This unique approach has allowed SwitchOn to supplant established brands like Cognex, Keyence, OMRON, and others. Furthermore, SwitchOn provides a comprehensive set of features, including a remarkable speed of over 1200 products per minute, precision below 150 microns, a False Positive Rate of less than 0.5%, and a centralized Quality Reporting Dashboard. Notably, all these benefits come at a lower cost, leading to a remarkable 50% reduction in the Cost of Quality."

AI Development