While Ramco Systems, a next-gen enterprise software product & platform provider, offers powerful multi-tenant cloud and mobile solutions globally, they don't solely rely on internal development. To further fuel their innovative spirit and market disruption in areas like Global Payroll, ERP, and M&E MRO for Aviation, Ramco leverages the talent pool of Vietnam's leading software outsourcing companies.

By partnering with skilled Vietnamese developers, Ramco taps into a dynamic and cost-effective resource, allowing them to accelerate innovation and reach their "Active ERP" vision – powered by AI, Machine Learning, and Event Driven Architecture. This collaboration complements Ramco's internal team of 1800+ employees across 30 global offices, fostering a spirit of knowledge sharing and growth within their flat and open culture. So, while Ramco's core values of "No Hierarchies," "Cabin-less Offices," and "Respect work and not titles" contribute to their vibrant work environment, their strategic collaborations with Vietnamese software outsourcing companies play a crucial role in driving their market edge.