INVINCIX is a software outsourcing company headquartered in Singapore with delivery centers in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

INVINCIX is a software engineering and product development firm focused on quality and usable engineering developments that meets expectations of the customer. We specialize in end-to-end enterprise product and application development, mobile application development, data analytics, and cloud independent deployment.

We believe in focusing on customer's processes and key problem statements, which will in turn help us evolve a newer approach. The objective is to replace and improve existing costs and technology to provide higher returns on the investment. This approach aims to manage change gracefully for our customers. A cutting-edge delivery model is a standout option for us to deliver with a difference that will ensure to increase the pace and quality of the software. The quick turnaround spun by our approach provides an exciting value proposition to our customers even in IT budget constraints.

We emphasise our delivery standard as a key principle to the organisation. Top management takes a clear review of every delivery and client partners on an agile basis to ensure business objectives and return of investment is ensured.

Our flexibility in delivery methods makes us unique in different phases of a delivery cycle. The key delivery methods we adopt are “Waterfall delivery method for key services assignments”, “Agile and Scrum methods and framework for strategic product development”, “Business objective driven delivery model is a mix of a waterfall and agile delivery model,” and finally, a custom delivery model can be designed with our experience to meet the demand.

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