With over a decade of experience, H&L Consulting, founded in 2010, specializes in developing mobile applications, IoT integration for manufacturing, Robotic Process Automation, healthcare applications, sports applications (integrating data from various devices), coaching applications, and cloud infrastructure.
We partner with one of the biggest manufacturers of golf equipment in the world, offering tailored software outsourcing solutions to meet their specific needs.

Our services:

Mobile App Development (IOS/Android): To meet our clients’ needs in mobile app development, we are confident in leveraging tools like Android Studio, Xcode, React Native, Flutter, and more, we deliver customized solutions to drive your business forward.

Web App Development: From simple landing pages to complex CMS systems, admin portals, and IoT web applications deployed in manufacturing, our web development portfolio covers a wide spectrum. We increased efficiency and simplify operations by minimizing TAKT time and assembly efforts for our clients via various methods. Our commitment to staying updated with the latest trends in design and technology ensures that our clients receive the most cutting-edge solutions available in the market.

Staff Augmentation: Reduce your HR expenses by outsourcing IT talent from us. Our teams’ location spread from San Diego (CA) to the heart of Vietnam (Hanoi), excel in diverse aspects of software development. We serve you with the best of both worlds, ensuring top-notch quality engineering while maintaining the most reasonable rate in the market.

The San Diego team oversees product definition, UI design, project management, system architecture, and live network testing, while the Vietnam team specializes in software engineering and quality control. We provide Offshore Development, Onshore, and Nearshore Outsourcing services to meet your needs.

Robotic Process Automation: Our RPA (Robotic Process Automation) portfolio encompasses a variety of tailored solutions crafted to meet the diverse needs of different industries. From streamlining invoice reconciliation to automating bank operations and Amazon routing, our customized solutions aim to enhance productivity and efficiency across sectors. Specifically designed to optimize logistics and banking operations, our RPA products enable operational excellence and deliver measurable benefits.

Our customers have saved approximately 160 hours and about $10,000 when partnering with us. In our workflow, we begin with an in-depth interview with the client to understand their processes. The client demonstrates their workflow, and our Business Analyst meticulously maps out the details in a diagram. From there, our engineers take in the requirements and proceed with development.