With a background in software outsourcing, we at BetterWay Devs have deep insight into sourcing and managing IT talent.

We focus on fostering long-term, quality engagement between Latin American developers and North American companies. Our clients are companies from various industries who are not only seeking quality and cost savings, but also aim to establish long-lasting relationships with top-notch engineers. We facilitate this by ensuring competitive compensation and benefits for the developers.

BetterWay Devs offers the following services:

1. Staffing: We provide skilled software developers from South America for long-term engagements with North American companies, with a transparent model featuring fees that are as low as 12% of the salary cost.
2. Recruiting: We assist businesses across all of Latin America in finding the right talent for their specific technical needs, offering access to a wide range of top-tier software developers in the region. We offer different models to fit various needs and budgets, with fees ranging from 9% to 15% of the yearly salary.