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Pioneering Companies in IT and Software Outsourcing

Feature Companies:

Saigon Technology

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Saigon Technology is a global ISO-certified Agile software development company with headquarter in Vietnam with offices in USA, Australia, Switzerland and Singapore. Its mission is to deliver the best and most cost-effective software outsourcing services to clients worldwide. Engagement models: custom software development, outsourcing development and offshore software development center. Team size: 400 software engineers


We are a custom software development company based in New York, specializing in a wide range of services, including comprehensive technology solutions, strategic advisory services, enterprise consulting, application development, and maintenance outsourcing, along with business process outsourcing. Our expertise extends across various industries, including Financial Services, Real Estate, Logistics, Healthcare, and Media. Our global presence includes offices in key locations such as New York, Boston, Melbourne, and Dubai, with research and development centers situated in Kochi and Trivandrum, India.

Fingent serves as a prominent enterprise software development company headquartered in New York, boasting a global footprint and a dedicated team of over 300 professionals. With a track record of trust, we have provided technology guidance to more than 150 businesses, ranging from startups and small to medium-sized enterprises to Fortune 500 giants.

DXC Technology

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
DXC Technology is a Fortune 500 global IT services leader. Our more than 130,000 people in 70-plus countries are entrusted by our customers to deliver what matters most. We use the power of technology to deliver mission critical IT services across the Enterprise Technology Stack to drive business impact. DXC is an employer of choice with strong values, and fosters a culture of inclusion, belonging and corporate citizenship. We are DXC.


N-iX is a European software development service provider that helps businesses across the globe expand their engineering capabilities and develop successful software products.


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Luxoft: Your Global Partner for End-to-End Software Product Development

With a vast footprint across 21 countries and over 17,000 employees, Luxoft empowers businesses with cutting-edge software product development solutions. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Luxoft goes beyond simply providing software engineers. They leverage data and analytics expertise to stabilize enterprises and help them thrive in complex market landscapes.

Luxoft offers clients a comprehensive approach to software product development, encompassing everything from initial concept creation and product strategy to full-cycle development and ongoing support. They collaborate with large-scale organizations to build robust solutions that unlock new revenue streams, create exceptional customer experiences, and optimize internal processes.


United Kingdom
NashTech is part of Nash Squared, the leading global provider of talent and technology solutions. We’re equipped with a unique network, that realises the potential where people and technology meet. Since 2000 NashTech has enjoyed demonstrable success in the provision of high quality IT services through development centres in Vietnam.

EPAM Systems

EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM) has been at the forefront of global digital transformation services since its establishment in 1993, leveraging its rich heritage in advanced software engineering to become the leading provider of digital and physical product development, as well as digital platform engineering services.


ScienceSoft is a valued collaborator with leading technology giants such as Microsoft, AWS, Adobe, ServiceNow, and Oracle. Our remarkable business accomplishments have garnered multiple awards, exemplified by our recognition as one of the top 1000 companies and premier software developers in Texas by Clutch in 2022. Our unwavering commitment to customer success and our continuous growth initiatives have earned us a well-deserved place in the prestigious Global Outsourcing 100 listing. Notably, for the second consecutive year, the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in its compilation of the fastest-growing companies in the Americas.


BairesDev is your dedicated partner, specializing in Keras development, collaborating closely with clients to create top-tier software solutions swiftly and precisely.

Our core mission is to deliver enduring value by addressing the unique business challenges of our clients. Leveraging the elite 1% of tech talent sourced from the Americas and the Caribbean, our team implements scalable, high-performing technological solutions.

With a workforce of over 4,000 seasoned engineers spanning 50 countries, we provide expertise aligned with your time zone requirements. Over a decade, we have significantly influenced the technology landscape, partnering with pioneering startups, transformative industry leaders, and Fortune Global 500 brands like Google, Johnson & Johnson, and others.

BairesDev is committed to unleashing new possibilities for your business, prepared to guide enterprises of all sizes towards sustainable and impactful outcomes.


United Kingdom
With more than two decades’ experience delivering IT projects, resources and governance, Jumar’s industry leading expertise consistently adds value to public and private sector clients. We offer a range of services to ensure your digital goals are achieved – from project delivery to provision of skilled professionals and teams. Our collaborative approach means we work closely with you and your project teams to assemble the best digital solution to achieve your goals, before selecting the appropriate capabilities from our pool of in-house technology experts, complemented by our associate and contractor network.

Start Your Search With Outsourcing Services

Searching for reliable software outsourcing companies is a daunting task, especially when finding the right solution for a software outsourcing platform is essential. When you share your ideas and present your objectives, timeline, and available budget, we have a better idea which software solutions suit your business best.

Make sure you check out the following table to discover the common IT sector solutions:

Key Tech Stacks in Software Outsourcing and Development

Before you can conduct a needs analysis for your outsourced software development project, you first need to establish which tech stacks will be best to apply. In case you didn’t know, tech stacks consist of technologies to help develop various applications, such as frameworks, programming libraries and languages, databases, and more. Here, you’ll see the most common tech stacks in the IT sector:

Leading Countries for Software Engineer Outsourcing

While there are many countries that provide software engineering outsourcing, it’s best to evaluate each one to see which one will be best for your project needs. Be sure to check out the attached table to discover the most suitable properties in each one and determine which one is best for you.


What Models Are Available for Software Outsourcing?

In the software outsourcing industry, several models cater to diverse project requirements:

  1. Time and Material Contracts Model: This model is flexible, ideal for software outsourcing projects where requirements might change. It allows for adjusting the scope of work and resources based on ongoing project needs.
  2. Staff Augmentation: A strategic model in software outsourcing, Staff Augmentation involves supplementing your in-house team with specialized external talent. It’s perfect for short-term skills gaps or enhancing your team for specific project phases.
  3. Dedicated Development Team: For long-term software outsourcing needs, this model provides a team fully dedicated to your project, ensuring deep expertise, consistency, and alignment with your business goals and culture.
  4. Fixed Price Model: Common in IT software outsourcing, this model operates on a predetermined fixed price for the project. It’s ideal for projects with well-defined scopes and where budget predictability is a priority.